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Will my lash extensions fall out?

You will experience lash fall out no matter what. We lose 3-5 natural lashes everyday.

How long do lash extensions last?

A fill is required every 2-3 weeks. If you are missing over 70% of your lashes when you come in for a fill, you will have to get a full set.

Are your tools sterilized?

Yes. A sterilizer/autoclave is used after every appointment to ensure we have clean tools.

How do I clean my lash extensions?

You can use a lash extensions shampoo like the Sheer Faces Lash Bath set that comes with a brush. Clean your lashes at least 2-3 times a week. Use a shampoo on your lashes to maintain good lash health.

What type of certification do you have?

Miss La is a graduate from the Douglas J Aveda Institute in Royal Oak, MI. She got her lash training from The 6-Figure Lash Academy and The Fixe Beauty Academy. She is a licensed Cosmetologist in the State of Michigan.

Is Sheer Faces a safe salon?

Sheer Faces abides by the regulations of the State of Michigan. We do wear a mask and gloves for each session. The lash salon is also registered as a Barbicide safe salon

Do You Take Off Another Artist Lashes?

Unfortunately no. I have to keep your safety in mind, so I do not remove or fill in another artists work.

Will I look like social media?

NO! I do not claim to be able to make you look like the so fluffy lash picture you saw. I will give you a service that is true to my skill set.

How long will the service take?

I allow up to 3 hours for each client. If you are pressed for time, don't make an appointment. I will not schedule you to come back because you are pressed for time. My reputation is at stake and I want to do a good job.

Do I have to be photographed?

Yes. There will be a before and after photo to be used for marketing purposes.

Why do I have to complete client forms?

It's my duty to respect you and your lashes. I need to know what your history is before the session starts. You will have forms to complete at the beginning of the session.

Why do you have a non-refundable deposit and/or cancellation fee?

Time is money. If there is no client having services, we do not make any money. Therefore if you cancel after the cancellation period, we lose.

Can I be late for my appointment?

Out of respect for the next client and the lash artist, a 10 minute grace period is allowed. After that you will have to reschedule. No exceptions!

Can I talk/text while laying on the lash bed?

No! Please put your cell on silent/DND. We will keep conversation to a minimum while applying the lashes between the artist and the client. Please be respectful and do the same by not holding a conversation or sending a quick text. This is your time to relax!

Can I bring food to eat?

Sheer Faces abides by the safe and clean requirements from the State of Michigan. You cannot bring full meals, or food, into the studio. You can bring a beverage with a lid on it.

Do you cut lash extesnions?

No! We will have a mini lash consultation and the look and length will be discussed. We do not cut lashes at all.

Do you remove lash extesnions?

We remove the lash extensions that we, Sheer Faces, applies. We will not take off lash extesnions from another artist. Why? We don't know what they used for an adhesive and do not want to be responsible for any issues you may have.

Why are you so strict?

We are a small business. We do not have big budgets. We have to protect Sheer Faces LLC, and you. We do not make false claims or lead you on for the services Sheer Faces LLC can perform. Thank you for respecting our policies.

What type of lash glue is used?

At Sheer Faces only lash approved glue for professional use and for use on individual natural eyelashes, is used. We do not use wig or hair glue.

What types of lash extensions are used?

We use C and D curl lash extensions, in sizes 9 - 15MM only. We want to keep your natural lashes safe.

Are you a licensed lash artist?

Miss La, is a licensed Cosmetologist for the State of Michigan. She graduated from The Doulgas J. Aveda Institute in Royal Oak, MI.

What days are you open?

As Sheer Faces grows the studio hours will grow. The booking calender is reviewed each week and could possibley change. You can usually book on a Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday.


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