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Rules For The Groupon Deal

Thank you for purchasing a Groupon deal. We want to make sure your Groupon experience is a pleasant one. Here are things you should know!

  • All refunds are processed from Groupon. You should reach out to Groupon directly for a refund. Their refund processing time is 1-10 business days. Refer here for more information: a. b.

  • There is a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel your booking within the time frame, there will be a nonrefundable charge. 

  • We do not work over another lash artist work. If you show up with lashes on you will have to go to the person that did them for a removal, and reschedule with Sheer Faces. 

  • The Groupon deal is currently for Classic Lash Extensions only. No volume lashes are allowed with this deal! 

  • If you show up with makeup on an attempt can be made to remove it but Sheer Faces does not guarantee the retention of the lash extensions. There will be an extra cash only charge to attempt to remove any makeup at all.

  • You must wear a mask at all times while you are in Sheer Faces to get a lash service. 

  • We only allow the person being serviced to be inside the lash studio. No children, or extra people. We want to keep everybody safe. 

  • If you show up over 10 minutes late, the appointment will have to be rescheduled. This is to respect your time, the artist time, and other clients time too. Groupon will be notified too. 

  • You will take a before and after picture, and a picture on the flower wall. These pictures will be used for marketing purposes only. 

  • Sheer Faces does not receive an immediate payment for the Groupon deal you purchased. Payment is made to us weeks after your service! Any additional services or retail items you need, or purchase, has to be in cash. Sheer Faces cannot issue you any refund for any Groupon products that you buy.

  • I cannot make you look like anyone on social media. I do not claim that I can either. 

  • I allow up to 3 hours for time for the Groupon deal. If you are pressed for time and leave, I will not schedule you to come back to finish up. 

  • I do not cut lash extensions.

  • If you have damamged lashes I will tell you and I will not lash damaged lashes. 

  • Out of respect for the artist and time constraints, please put your phone on silent/DND! Please do not talk or text while on the lash table so your session can be performed in a timely manner. 

  • You cannot bring full meals, or food, into the studio. You can bring a beverage with a lid on it. 

  • You will have client history forms to complete. We want to protect you, and us, during and after the lash service. 

  • Services are performed by Miss La, a licensed Cosmetologist in the State of Michigan. She graduated from the Douglas J. Aveda Institute in Royal Oak, Michigan. 

  • We are a small business. We do not have huge budgets. We have to protect you, the client, and Sheer Faces LLC. Thank you for respecting our policies. 


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